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Protection of Pharmaceutical Products

Protection of Pharmaceutical Products Pharmaceutical industry is a successful, technology driven industry that has seen steady growth over years. As research is inevitable and expensive in pharma industry, it becomes essential to safeguard its outcomes, which may be in the form of a new and innovative products or processes. The global liberalisation of economy

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COVID_19 Update – Delhi High Court Grants Relief To IP Holders In India

DELHI HIGH COURT GRANTS RELIEF TO THE IP HOLDERS IN INDIA- Extension of deadlines by Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks In wake of the COVID-19 crisis, IPO issued a public notice suspending all deadlines for completion of various proceedings, filing of documents, and payment of fees etc falling after March 15,

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The Toy Wars, Doll Stories and a bit of Intellectual Property Rights

INTRODUCTION: The moment we are born; toys and dolls hold a special place in our hearts. We grow up playing with them and when we are old enough, we turn them into collectibles and antiques. The toy story never ends! During the 1970s and 1980’s, collecting and adorning your living space with vintage dolls

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