Protect Innovation


Who we are

Today’s world runs on ideas. Ideas are behind every single product or service that you use; right from your smart mobile phone to the soulful music that you love to listen to. Great ideas can be hinged on simple genius – or they can be quirky, fun, and creative! Unfortunately great ideas get copied all too often, and that is something that needs to be prevented.

If you have a unique brand that speaks your message to the world, you must secure the rights to it before someone else tags along on the popularity you have created. Your brand logo and taglines are unique to your product and services, and should not be allowed to be copied in any form.

At Puthran & Associates (P&A), we realise the value of your Eureka moment and your special brand. Protecting intellectual property is our job, and we work in tandem with attorneys and law firms across the world to secure your best interests. Since March 2004, we have been creating strategies to safeguard the intellectual property rights of individuals and businesses across the globe.

Our experience lies in dealing with patents, trademarks, industrial designs, G I and copyrights, and offering end-to-end advice and consultancy on IP related legal proceedings. Our clientele are from diverse backgrounds and are leading players in their respective domains, and our steady growth stands testimony to the implicit trust that they have in our services.


What we do

Headquartered in Chennai, P&A has branches in Bangalore, Trivandrum and Kochi.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and high quality intellectual property services that match global best practices. We keep ourselves in the forefront of innovation in all aspects of global law, by absorbing new technologies and by searching, analyzing and taking any possible action to protect our clients’ Intellectual Property Rights. We strive to provide the perfect advice for each individual case in the ever changing legal scenario.

We have a well-knit team of competent technical, legal associates and paralegals who specialize in areas covering copyrights, patents, designs, trademarks; unfair competition, semiconductor integrated circuit layout, enforcement of intellectual property rights, technology transfer, litigation, licensing and license negotiations, among other fields.

To serve our clients globally we maintain close contact with fellow Intellectual Property professionals across the world. Through collaboration and synergy, we are able to serve clients effectively with both technical and legal capabilities. Our association with many distinguished law firms worldwide enables us to provide international services to our clients across the globe.

P&A is a member of the International Trade Mark Association (INTA) and Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), amongst others.

Why P&A?

At P&A, we understand just how precious your idea is to you! We are deeply committed to staying updated with contemporary legal knowledge that will keep us at the helm of what we do. It’s important to us that that you are confident about entrusting us with your Intellectual Property.