Statement on working a patented invention (Rule 131) As per amended Rule 131 statement of working of invention shall be furnished within 6 months of expiry of a financial year (30 September). Earlier the statements had to be furnished within 3 months of expiry of a calendar year (31 March). This amendment provides provision

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Body Art and IP – What you need to know

n the year 2003, the Maori tribal design tattooed by the World Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson created a furore among the public. In the years to come, Mike Tyson’s tattoo became talk of the town and influenced celebrities from different walks of life. The indelible inking culture or the culture of body art

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Trade Mark Rules 2017 – Part II : A Brief Analysis

Categorization of Applicant– The Trademark Rules 2017 has classified Applicants for the purpose of the Trademark Application in two categories: Individuals/ Startups/ Small Enterprises and Others. A “Startup” for the purpose of the Trademarks Rules means an entity in India recognized as a startup by the competent authority under the Startup India initiative. Ideally

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