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Patent Prosecution Highway

Patent prosecution is an important part of a patent application being accepted as a patent grant. While there is a demand to speed up the process to enable the technical and commercial interests of business, the necessity to ensure proper scrutiny of an application to enable proper check and balances in the interest of

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Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2019

Applicable from 18th September, 2019 The highlight of the new Amendment Rules is that it seeks to empower Small entities, Women and Government owned/funded entities by enabling them to opt for expedited examination of patent applications filed in their name, which was previously limited only to Start-ups and International Applications that indicated India as International

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Biocon is now a well-known Trademark!

We have done it! We have got our clients’ mark declared as a well known trade mark by the Trade Marks Office in the first of its kind under the new Regime. The Indian Trademarks Office has published its first list of  trademarks determined by the Registrar of Trademarks as Well Known upon requests being

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The Toy Wars, Doll Stories and a bit of Intellectual Property Rights

INTRODUCTION: The moment we are born; toys and dolls hold a special place in our hearts. We grow up playing with them and when we are old enough, we turn them into collectibles and antiques. The toy story never ends! During the 1970s and 1980’s, collecting and adorning your living space with vintage dolls

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