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Puthran & Associates was started in the year 2004. Over the past 18 years, P&A has enabled clients by protecting their Intellectual Property in India and across the world.

With our offices in Chennai, Bengaluru, Trivandrum and Kochi, and Associates across the world, P&A provides clients with unmatched reach and expertise in Intellectual Property Matters.

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A patent is a right granted to an inventor by a government authority, conferring upon him or her the exclusive right to make, use and sell that invention.

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Your trademark represents your firm or brand, and is a valuable asset to your business. The trademark you choose should be strong and robust, and should set your business apart from the crowd.

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A copyright provides an author, artist or other creators protection for their work.Always copyright your valueble ideas.

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A design is the external appearance of anything that is non-functional, and has been created primarily for aesthetic appeal.

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Geographical Indications

A geographical indication (GI) is an indication that is used on products that have a special geographical origin with certain qualities or a reputation that is due to that origin.

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Cyber Law

Cyber law refers to legal issues that arise through the use of the internet. It includes topics such as internet access, usage, privacy and freedom of expression on the internet.

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