Spotify is seeking a patent for its “Plagiarism Risk Detector And Interface Technology” which is basically an AI technology to help songwriters find out if their song duplicates elements  of other song compositions in real time.

The whole invention works in a way that Spotify would allow for a lead sheet which is a type of musical notation of songs denoting their melody/chords/lyrics or additional notes to be fed into the ‘plagiarism detector’ which would then compare the same to the pre-existing lead sheets stored in its database. The AI software would then potentially calculate “a similarity value” of the song versus other songs existing in the Spotify lead sheet library and intimate the songwriter in question about the same.

Being in a real time, it would allow a songwriter/composer to tweak/modify elements of their work to avoid prospective infringement before spending huge money on recording a final version.

The above instance is just an example of how Artificial Intelligence can fasten technological advancements and sift through enormous amounts of data and use that data to for better analysis.