What is a geographical indication?

A geographical indication (GI) is an indication that is used on products that have a special geographical origin with certain qualities or a reputation that is due to that origin. To be used as a GI, there must be an identification that marks the product as originating from a particular geography.

As an example, the tea that is grown in Assam may have a fine taste and smell that is brought about by the climate and refining processes available in Assam. Assam tea can be protected with a geographical indication that signifies the special flavor of tea that is grown in this region.

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We provide the following services with respect to geographical indications:

  • Opinion on registrability and availability of GI’S
  • Coordination with the relevant association / authorities for preparing GI applications
  • Registration of Geographical Indication
  • Protection against piracy of Geographical Indications

Protect the uniqueness, quality and genuineness of your product with a geographical indication.

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