What is cyber law?

Cyber law refers to legal issues that arise through the use of the internet. It includes topics such as internet access, usage, privacy and freedom of expression on the internet.

Our cyber law attorneys can demystify the cyber-legal ramifications of your organization’s strategies and policies, and help you address problems that may crop up in the e-world.

Stay protected in the e-world

Tomorrow’s world is internet-centric, with most corporates carrying out their dealings and transactions online. The increasing dependence on cyberspace will undoubtedly throw up fresh challenges with respect to cyber law and internet governance. Cyber law is constantly evolving and lays down protective guidelines for the emerging global dominance of information technology, including Internet based applications and services.

Protect your internet-related activities with advice and guidance from our expert cyber law attorneys.

What sets us apart?

We attempt to stay on top of current cyber law regulations and guidelines, and our cyber law attorneys are well versed in international cyber law protocol.

Our portfolio of services for cyber law includes:

  • Domain name Registration
  • Domain name Protection
  • Domain name Renewal
  • Registration of digital signatures
  • Digital signature protection
  • Registration and protection of digital contracts
  • Relevant litigation

Stay ethical, and stay protected in cyberspace!

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