What is a copyright?

A copyright provides an author, artist or other creators protection for their work. Copyright protection can be afforded to all expressions of ideas in a tangible form, such as novels, poems, plays, advertisements, computer programs, paintings, drawings, sculpture and architecture among other similar pursuits.

Advancements in technological development have yielded new ways of disseminating creative work through unauthorized means such as pirated compact discs and satellite broadcasts. The sharing of work through the internet again throws up difficult challenges in copyright protection. Our copyright attorneys have many years of experience in the field, and will give you the best copyright-related advice appropriate for your unique creation.

Through copyright protection, original creative work is recognized and rewarded- and the owner of the copyright can exercise control over the use of the work.

The protection of copyright registration is valid for sixty years after the lifetime of the author/publication.

Prevent piracy- get copyrighted.

It may have taken you years of effort to come up with that perfect piece of writing, or a beautiful design. Creative expression takes considerable talent and hard work, but it can be easily copied in an instant!

Make sure that others do not reap the benefits of your hard work; our copyright attorneys will help you to secure your original creation so that you have exclusive rights over the production, distribution, display or performance of your work.

What sets us apart?

Our copyright attorneys have significant expertise in the copyright processes and protection of computer programs and databases; plans and architectural drawings; paintings, sculptures & photographs; sound recordings; and artistic, literary, dramatic and musical work.

Our copyright attorneys can guide you and provide services in the following processes:

  • Copyright protection
  • Developing and negotiating licensing and ownership agreements
  • Litigation
  • Policing and managing client’s copyright portfolio
  • Drafting and negotiating software agreements

Now you can express your creativity without fear, and ensure that it will always be recognized as yours!

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