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Protecting brands and trademarks on the internet

Before the age of the internet, businesses used to flourish using conventional methods of sales such as in-store sales and customers shopping through catalogues where paper was the main mode of communication. Trade over the internet was comparatively new and an alien concept. Nowadays, especially with the ongoing pandemic, and increasing use of E-commerce

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Supreme Court to recall limitation period

Supreme Court to recall limitation period The Supreme Court announced on   23 September 2021, that it would be recalling its earlier Suo motu Order of April 2021 that extended the limitation period in proceedings before Courts/Tribunals in the Country. This Order was brought into effect to obviate difficulties faced by lawyers and litigants due

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Patent News – Update – September 23rd 2021

The Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2021 have been published by the Patent Office on September 23, 2021. The Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2021, has included “educational institutions” as a new category of  beneficiary who will be considered at par with a natural person, start-up, and small entity in respect of the  fees to be paid and

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Egg of the Sun

Six canines roaming in search of unfamiliar scents and trained to take down the intruder. Four guards assigned to each corner patrolling all night keeping a close watch inside the tall walls separating it from the outer world. Sankalp Singh Parihar did everything to protect his treasure “The Egg of Sun”. Not a

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Many enterprises maintain their market domination through their Intellectual Property Rights. For instance, Coca- Cola maintains its market dominance through its extremely valuable secret formula. People recognize McDonald’s because of its well-known logo.  Owners of Intellectual Property Rights depend on Patent, Trademark, Copyright, or trade secret laws in order to protect their

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